A unique and magical
collection from the soul...

A physical experience that
will leave you needing

A mystical and alluring
escape from status quo...

A place where dreams meet
reality and reality fades into
the sea.

Surround yourself in a world
filled with joy, peace and
A place of magic, a place to shop, A place to believe where the hunt doesn't stop
For those on the hunt or just for the peek...
The Mermaids treasures for all who seek...
An eclectic collection from the frivolous fun...
To functional and practical all in one.
Kameleon Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Apparel, Mermaids, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Crystals, Fossils & Stones,  
Handbags, Art work, Home decor, Greeting Cards, Candies & Treats, Toys & Dolls, Ornaments, Journals,
Spiritual keepsakes, Incense, Oils, and
so much more coming all the time..
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Shop our eclectic collection of   Mermaids, Fairies, Jewelry,
Clothing, Decor, Crystals & More...
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